67 SALON TOOLS ion exchange resin aroma + vitamin C silver-coated activated carbon energy water outlet usable unusable Once the energy water is sprayed on hair and skin, the acidifiers can have numerous advantages. Acidifiers compact the hair’s cuticle layer and create added shine. Also, acidifiers can prevent cuticle damage and detangle hair. When applied to the body, acidifiers increase the skin’s ability to receive nourishment and moisture. PURSE .5oz #82820 PERSONAL 3.5oz #82830 PROFESSIONAL 13oz #82810 SALON TOOLS ITECH COLLECTION Beauty in a bottle for face, hair, and body. Converts regular tap water into energy water that is pH balanced. • When the color of the resin changes from dark green to deep blue, it is time to change the filter. • Most energy water systems will last up to 12 months • Prior to your first use, shake and spray the e energy water system 20 times. FEATURES & BENEFITS • To use, simply fill the spray bottle with regular tap water • The water gets converted into energy water that is pH balanced at 3.5 to 5.0 • The fine mist, helps fight frizz, adds shine, and retains color • Extends the longevity of color treated hair • Spray on skin to soften, tone, and hydrate • Provides pleasant energizing aroma while nutrient filled vitamin C soaks into the skin. • Lasts up to 12 months PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL PURSE as seen on