APPLIANCES H3000 AC QUICK-DRY HAIR DRYER 2000W POWER / 1800W ELECTRICAL USAGE H3000 LUXE AIR HAIR DRYER 2000W POWER / 1800W ELECTRICAL USAGE FEATURES • Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Heater • Triple Heat Coil! • Light and Powerful A/C Motor • 3 Speed Settings, 2 Heat Settings • Ergonomically Balanced Design • Made in Korea • 1 Year warranty FEATURES • Dries Hair In Less Than 10 Minutes • Patented Brushless Motor • Weighs Under 1 pound • 57% More Powerful Than DC Motor Dryers • 31% More Powerful Than AC Motor Dryers • 75% Less Energy Used • Made in Korea • 5 Year warranty #H3040 #H3050 Front View Back View Brushless Motor Images Side View HAIR DRYERS H3000 COLLECTION, ITECH COLLECTION, HAIRART DRYERS The LUXE AIR HAIRDRYER is 10X more durable than conventional professional hair dryers. The power and efficiency of this long-lasting, super-lightweight hair dryer is the newest addition to our H3000 collection. There is a significant difference in its power compared to DC and AC motor dryers. It is manufactured with a patented brushless motor that uses an armature instead of a carbon brush. The brushless motor uses 75% less energy than most dryers. With variable power settings, a speed dry nozzle, and a retro handle design. 25